Rosita's Place

Family owned Serving The Valley Since 1964.

Rositas Place started as a small cafe in downtown Phoenix in the 1950's. It was started by a woman named Maria Delgado also known as "La Guerra". In the span of those years La Guerra hired a young women named Micaela Ortega from Chicago but raised in Irapuato Guanajuato, She worked tirelessly for many years.

Our Story

In that span of years she met her future husband Luis Medina. they were married and started a family of 3 girls Sylvia, Mary Lou and Bertha. Sadly La Guerra Delgado passed away in 1965. Micaela had a crazy dream and with the help of her husband Luis they purchased the little cafe, and so goes the beginning of Rosita's Place. A name that was there from start to now and also the future.